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Connektd is offline

The Covid pandemic has been very tough on everyone, but particularly those in the events industry.  It has also impacted significantly on Connektd, and the platform is now offline

Connektd was set up to build a global community of companies and freelancers in the events, exhibitions and brand experience sector. Having grown the platform to over 100 company members and over 800 freelancers from the UK and around the world we knew that we had created a unique service for an industry in need of change when it comes to the recruitment and management of freelancers.

As freelancers in the industry ourselves, we started Connektd as a passion project with the goal of providing a new business tool for companies and agencies to find, manage and develop their freelance talent and connections.  With much personal investment and over 5yrs of our time dedicated to growing it we have come to a difficult decision to take the platform offline. Despite its success and very positive feedback we could not grow Connektd without clear commercial foundations, and by looking for investment and even considering a merger on several occasions, we have done all we can to keep it going through the pandemic.

However, keeping a platform like Connektd live and up to date with the constantly changing technology, software and privacy regulations requires finance, and with severe restrictions to any earning opportunities during the pandemic to invest in the business we decided it was better to close at a time when we had no creditors other than ourselves.  This has been a difficult decision, but one which was ultimately unavoidable

We are hopeful that this is ‘au revoir’ rather than goodbye - who knows what the future will bring, so if you are interested in a conversation about the future of freelancing in the events industry, do get in touch

We sincerely hope that both the industry and yourself are able to get back to the successes of the past very soon, and wish you all the best in the future

Steve Squires -

Ajay Parekh -

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